Application Materials

Online Application

All applicants, except accelerated/4+1 degree program applicants and add-on certificate applicants, must complete the online application, which requires a valid email address. Once you start your online application, you will be able to select your program. You will then be prompted to upload your application materials. See the application instructions for more information on how to apply. 

Do not mail hard (paper) copies of any application materials unless specifically requested by the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Required Materials

The application will also ask you to upload the following materials:

  • Transcript
    Upload scanned copies of official transcript(s) from each college or university you have attended to the online application. The Office of Graduate Admissions does not require hard (paper) copies of your official, final transcript(s) unless you enroll at 香港六合彩资料. If official transcripts are submitted by mail the Office of Graduate Admissions is unable to return them.
    • Scanned copies of your official transcript are preferred. Web printouts of your unofficial transcript are not acceptable. If you are a current or former 香港六合彩资料 student with access to the , you may upload the academic transcript available on BU Brain. To do this, go to the "Student" tab, then "Student Records," select "Online Academic Transcript," perform the print function, then change "Destination" to "Save as PDF."
    • Scan and upload the files with care, making sure they are clear, legible and complete. The graduate admissions committee will receive the files you scan and upload.
    • Preferred file format is PDF. Other accepted file formats include .doc, .docx, .rtf, .jpg and .tif.
    • Check that your transcript shows all of your grades or marks, as well as your degree type and your degree conferral date. If you are in the process of completing a degree, submit copies of your most current transcript with your online application.
    • Cross out or cover your Social Security Number (SSN) prior to scanning your transcript. Your SSN should not appear on your scanned transcript.

    International students:

    All transcripts submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions must be officially translated into English for review.

    Transcripts from some international institutions do not specifically state that a degree has been granted. If your transcript does not show that your degree has been conferred or awarded, you will also need to submit an official (attested) diploma.

    Students from India:

    We will accept a provisional certificate of degree as final. If you are admitted, you will need to provide proof that you have completed your degree in order to register for courses beyond the first semester.

  • Personal Statement

    The personal statement offers you an opportunity to discuss the talents, experiences and goals that qualify you for acceptance to a graduate program at 香港六合彩资料. The graduate admissions committee is seeking evidence of your qualifications and aptitude, as well as your ability to communicate clearly and professionally.

    Typically, the personal statement will incorporate the following:

    • Your reasons for pursuing graduate study at 香港六合彩资料
    • Your personal background
    • Your academic history
    • Your work and internship experience
    • Your future plans
    • Other information that may be of special interest and importance to the graduate admissions committee

    Review your program's admissions requirements for specific content and page length/word count guidelines. Unless noted otherwise by your program, your personal statement should be a maximum of two single-spaced pages in length. Use standard fonts. For tips on creating a personal statement, review the reference guide, available through the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development at 香港六合彩资料.

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

    Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) should include your name, contact information, educational degrees and certificates, and your work and volunteer experience listed in reverse chronological order. You should also include additional information relevant to your program, such as research experience, teaching experience, published works, grants or fellowships, awards, professional associations and professional licenses.

    Unless noted otherwise by your program, your resume or CV should be a maximum of two pages in length.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    The Office of Graduate Admissions generally requires two letters of recommendation from individuals who can comment authoritatively on your academic achievements and/or work or internship experience related to your program. Contact your academic program for specific instructions related to letters of recommendation. Some programs, for example, require three letters.

    • Be sure to give your recommenders enough time to write and submit the letters prior to your program's application deadline.
    • You may submit your online application before your recommenders have uploaded their letters. You will continue to have full access to your recommender list if you need to send reminders or change recommenders.
    • When you submit your recommenders' contact information on the online application, they will receive an email with instructions for uploading their letter. You will receive an email confirmation when your recommender has uploaded the letter.
    • The Office of Graduate Admissions strongly encourages all recommenders to submit letters online to expedite the completion of your application. However, if your recommender is unable to submit the letter online, your recommender may mail the letter directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. However, you must still register your recommender on the online application. Have your recommender send the letter in a signed, sealed envelope to the Office of Graduate Admissions. View addresses.
  • Official Test Scores

    The GRE and GMAT help demonstrate your aptitude for graduate studies. Although Graduate Admissions does not establish minimum test scores, admission is competitive, so strive for scores that demonstrate your potential. 

    Check your program's admission requirements carefully to see what test scores are required. Be sure you take tests early enough to provide scores by your program's application deadline.

    All official test scores should be delivered to the Office of Graduate Admissions electronically from the official examiner. Scores should not be sent directly to the academic department.

    Note that it can take as long as two full weeks for the testing agency to process your order and deliver your scores to 香港六合彩资料. 


    Most programs require GRE scores. Some programs also require GRE Subject Test scores. View your program's admission requirements for details.

    To learn more about the test or register to take the in person or at home test, visit the . Submit test scores electronically, using 香港六合彩资料's code: 2535.

    The GRE offers a for eligible students. 


    Some programs 鈥 including programs in the School of Management 鈥 require GMAT scores rather than GRE scores. Other programs will accept GMAT scores in place of GRE scores. View your program's admission requirements for details.

    To learn more about the test or register to take the test, visit the . Submit test scores electronically by selecting "State University of New York (SUNY) - 香港六合彩资料" from the score delivery menu.


Admission Requirements

The standards maintained by the Graduate School, the Office of Graduate Admissions and the academic departments are applied to ensure that students who are admitted are well qualified and trained to study at 香港六合彩资料. These standards assist in the identification of students who have a reasonable expectation of successfully completing a graduate program and who, with the benefit of graduate education, are most likely to contribute substantially to their academic and professional fields.

Application Materials

All materials submitted by applicants become the property of 香港六合彩资料.


Any deliberate falsification or omission of application data may result in rescinding of admission, denial of permission to enroll or dismissal from courses. Through online application submissions, all applicants affirm acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

香港六合彩资料 is strongly committed to equal opportunity/affirmative action and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. We recruit students and employees and offer access to services without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or national origin.

As required by Title IX and its implementing regulations, 香港六合彩资料 does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs and activities which it operates.  This requirement extends to employment and admission.  Inquiries about sex discrimination may be directed to the University Title IX Coordinator or directly to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  Contact information for the University Title IX Coordinator and OCR, as well as the University鈥檚 complete Non-Discrimination Notice, may be found on the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website