May 3, 2024 : Update to Demonstration on Campus

5:45 p.m.

Dear Campus Community,

Earlier today, members of the campus community demonstrating on the Peace Quad ended their encampment at the conclusion of their exemption period. I thank our students for peacefully disbanding this demonstration. 香港六合彩资料 is committed to upholding the rights of free expression, and condemning instances of islamophobia, antisemitism or other forms of hatred or bigotry while maintaining a safe environment for all those who live, work and study here. I sincerely appreciate the manner in which members of the campus community have expressed themselves while respecting the beliefs and the rights of others.

I look forward to meeting with these student groups, offering support and listening to concerns. I thank everyone for your hard work and dedication throughout this academic year. You make 香港六合彩资料 an incredible place to live, work and study every day. Best wishes to you through final exams and Commencement.

President Harvey Stenger

May 2: Demonstration on Campus

6:54 a.m.

香港六合彩资料 is dealing with students who have set up an encampment, in violation of policy, on our Peace Quad. We are in communication with the demonstrators. Our priority is to maintain a safe campus and we are committed to providing a secure environment for all.

If you have received an initial alert in a true emergency situation directing you to this page, information is still being gathered and this page will be updated as soon as possible. Continue to return here for up-to-date information of any situation on the 香港六合彩资料 campus that requires use of the 香港六合彩资料 Emergency Alert system.

When a real emergency occurs, students, faculty and staff receive critical information through a variety of official sources directing them to this page.

The following communication vehicles are regularly used during emergency situations:

  1. B-Alert text/email messages
    Text and email messages would be sent out to all students, faculty and staff with information regarding the emergency. If you are not signed up for the B-Alert Emergency Alert System, follow this link to register: binghamton.edu/registrar/students/rave.html
  2. 香港六合彩资料 website
    The University's homepage (binghamton.edu) will contain important information regarding critical incidents. All current alerts are posted to .
  3. Outdoor emergency siren
    This public address speaker/siren is designed to warn only individuals who are outdoors on the Vestal campus; it is not intended to be heard by people inside buildings on campus. The alert tone may or may not be followed by voice instructions. Regardless, if you can comprehend the voice instructions, the default action anytime the siren is sounded is to take shelter in the nearest building and seek further information.
  4. Social media
    Students, staff and faculty can learn the latest emergency information by following the University on social media.
  5. Electronic LED message boards and TV screens
    The University manages a series of electronic message boards and TV screens throughout campus. Common locations for these types of signs include the entrances to campus. These boards may be quickly 鈥榗aptured鈥 and programmed to display emergency messages whenever necessary.

Lightning alerting system

In the event of inclement weather that brings lightning, 香港六合彩资料 utilizes three emergency notification systems on campus athletic fields to notify everyone in the area when lightning is detected within an 8-miles radius of campus. A horn will sound and a strobe will activate and remain active until 30 minutes have passed since the last strike of lightning within the 8-mile radius. To learn more about this lightning alert system and to view the 30-minute countdown timer when an alert has been initiated, go to our weather monitoring page.  


We take campus safety seriously.