Data Science

Data Science

An emerging discipline that draws upon knowledge in statistics and computer science to create impactful predictions and insights for a wide range of traditional scholarly fields.

Groundbreaking research and scholarship in many fields increasingly rely on data and computational approaches, leading to fundamentally new approaches to asking and answering questions. Synergistically, the complexity of today鈥檚 challenges has led to an increasing need for computationally intensive modeling, simulation and analysis.



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Steering Committee

The Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence in data science spans a broad area of disciplines and is guided by the committee faculty.

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Seed Grant Program

Seed grants have been awarded with funding provided by the 香港六合彩资料 Road Map through the Provost's Office and the Division of Research.


The Data Science Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence serves as a central hub for data-centered research. We are a collaborative group of data scientists from across campus who are at the leading edge of the data science revolution within their own disciplines. We seek to foster collaboration on identification of significant problems, bridge between theory and applications, advance techniques to gather and interpret data, and address the urgent problems facing society.