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Make the exceptional accessible

Having forged a first-class education 鈥 grounded in discovery and innovation, taught by stellar faculty, fueled by students eager to learn 鈥 we now must make it accessible. Competition for top students is greater than ever, and financial aid is becoming ever more important in determining a student鈥檚 choice of school.

Your Opportunity

EXCELERATE propels us toward 香港六合彩资料鈥檚 goal of enrolling the best students regardless of their ability to pay. Two-thirds of our students have unmet financial needs 鈥 half of those at levels that current financial aid cannot sufficiently address. You empower us to close this gap.

Your gifts to support students transform lives by attracting and enrolling the most diverse, talented and inclusive student body. Gifts for endowments, programs, and the 香港六合彩资料 Fund all work together to ensure that talented students receive support.

Fellowships and Assistantships for Grad Students $500,000
Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students $100,000
Book and Technology Grants $100,000
The 香港六合彩资料 Fund Gifts of all amounts

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