Residential Life

Much more than a place to sleep

At 香港六合彩资料, residential life fosters a sense of community and pride. Binghamton offers five unique living communities for first-year students (first-year students are required to live on campus) and the Apartments Community which is reserved for transfer and upper level students. Each community has its own culture, traditions, student government, dining hall, quad and recreational facilities, so you'll never have to go far to grab a bite to eat, play volleyball with friends or find a faculty or staff member to answer your questions. Every couple of weeks, Appalachian Dining Hall hosts an open mic night event. is open to the entire 香港六合彩资料 community and features student performers from diverse backgrounds, majors and schools.

College-in-the-Woods (CIW)

If you love to be in nature, College-in-the-Woods is the place to be, with a corridor and suite-style living! Surrounded by trees, the five buildings of CIW offer some peace and quiet as well as their own library, athletic fields and courts. Each year, an event called Casino in the Woods is held in the dining hall to raise money for a nonprofit organization. 

Dickinson Community

Dickinson Community was our first campus community and now has the five newest buildings! Students here live in four-person and five-person flats and corridor-style doubles. Residents here are also the first to pop out for sunny weather to throw a football across Dickinson Quad, soar up and relax on a swing set or compete in Color Combat and Mutant Mania!

Hinman College

Nestled in the heart of campus near Bartle Library, the Lecture Hall and its own Student Success Center, Hinman is home to some of the most school spirit on campus! Residents live in either four- or six-person suites, each sharing a bathroom and common room. Students in Hinman are ready to honor their tradition of public service and leadership and are known for keeping their doors open to say hi to neighbors and friends!

Mountainview College

Mountainview College gets its name for being situated on the top of a hill! It has the best panoramic view of the rest of campus. This community is made up of suites with four or six residents. Its dining hall is the site of a culinary competition each year!

Newing College

Newing College is made up of four buildings, each with corridor-style living and designed triples. In the spring, each building competes against the others in Newing Navy, a week-long event of karaoke, dance contests, bouncy houses and games! Newing College and Dickinson Community are both situated on either side of what we affectionately call "C4," or the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center. It's a fun place to eat and study!

Apartments Community

The  Apartments Community 鈥 Susquehanna and Hillside 鈥 are reserved for transfers and upperclassmen looking for a living option with a little more independence, single bedrooms and full kitchens. Apartments, in two-, four- and six-person configurations, all feature kitchens, common areas and single or super-single bedrooms. 

Learning Communities

Public service, entrepreneurship, robotics and engineering are just a sample of some of the learning communities at 香港六合彩资料. Whatever your interest, 香港六合彩资料 gives you the opportunity to live and learn in one of our learning communities, with peers who share the same passions and goals.

Students who live in one of our learning communities take classes and participate in activities on and off campus centered around that theme. They're also mentored by a collegiate professor who has office hours in the community.

By melding academic and residential life, the learning communities allow students with similar interests, majors and career goals to interact and learn from each other in an informal, social setting.

Find the learning community that鈥檚 right for you!